Exitround is the private, anonymous marketplace for buyers and sellers of technology companies from the small to mid-market.

Privacy & Anonymity

Your privacy and anonymity is our paramount concern. Anonymously list your company and control what introductions you receive. Your target and search data will never be shared.

Unbounded Geography

Reach buyers in over 85 countries. Make business development and corporate development relationships that span from San Francisco to Singapore and beyond.

Beyond Sector & Personal Networks

Reach buyers outside of just technology, some of the best opportunities come from where you least expect. Augment your existing network and connect with the perfect buyer.

Finding the right buyer is not easy. Exitround provides access to a stream of diverse and highly qualified buy-side demand. This provides significant leverage for companies seeking to make the right connections for exit.

Andy Bartley, CEO, Algorithms.io (acq. by LumenData)

Exitround provides a great way for entrepreneurs to broaden their network and exposure to a number of potential acquirers.

Romain David, CEO & Founder, Meexo (acq. by Live Nation Labs)

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