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Privacy and anonymity are paramount. Anonymously explore highly relevant inbound opportunities that come your way.

Algorithmic matches

Leverage the efficiency of software. Receive intelligently matched opportunities based on your individual criteria.

Opportunistic inbound

Whether or not you're in an active process, receiving opportunistic inbound is often great to catalyze a fundraise or M&A activity.

Active in 36 countries

Limitlessly connect with opportunities across the globe.

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  • Risk free: Anonymously and confidentially explore interest in your business from large companies.
  • Opportunistic inbound: Gain inbound opportunities from large companies that may catalyze a future exit or fundraising event.
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  • Leverage software to more intelligently identify companies that fit your ideal target match.
  • Accomplish your corp dev objectives in one place, connect with companies for M&A, strategic investment or business development.
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