Webinar: When it’s actually time to sell your company

January 21, 2016, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Online Webinar


In this one hour webinar we will cover:

  • Expectations – Do you know what the expectations are on both sides of the transaction? What is the Buyer thinking? What is the Buyer expecting from you?
  • Process – When should I start? How long will it take? What’s going to happen? What should I be prepared for?
  • Structure (with Special Guest Orrick’s Mark Seneca, see below) – What does a “deal” even look like? What can I expect, what can my investors expect? How will my team be treated?
  • Today’s M&A Trends – What’s Hot in M&A in 2016
  • Q&A – curated attendee questions

Special Guest:

We will be joined by Mark Seneca, Corporate Partner at Orrick Silicon Valley, who leads their corporate and private equity M&A practice. Since 2010, Mark has done more than 55 technology M&A transactions.  His sell-side work includes six acquisitions by Google, five acquisitions by Yahoo!, three acquisitions each by Salesforce.com and Twitter and two acquisitions each by Facebook and Adobe.  These deals include his high profile work for Nest, in its US$3.2 billion acquisition by Google, Instagram, in its US$1.0 billion acquisition by Facebook, Apple Inc. in its acquisition of Siri and many more.

Mark will focus his discussion on M&A structures common in technology transactions, and what you may be able to expect. He will also answer questions from webinar participants through the webinar platform.