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Exitround is the world’s largest private marketplace for early stage tech M&A.

Exitround enables the world’s largest risk takers to realize their success. Every facet of our life today has been shaped by an individual: a person who had a vision, brought it to reality, and sculpted the way the world works. Exitround supports these extraordinary entrepreneurs and helps them realize their successes by exiting their businesses.

Jobs at Exitround

Front End Engineer

Senior Ruby Engineer (Full Stack)

Search Algorithm Engineer

Marketplace Data Scientist

Working at Exitround

Exitround is a close-knit collaborative team environment where we put our end user first and foremost. We’re a unique business in that we actually serve two end users, the entrepreneur and the corporate development/M&A professional. Team members have the ability to meaningfully impact both sides of our marketplace and at such an early stage have a tangible ability to contribute to the overall success of the business. To know our users better than anyone, all team members are invited to be a part of our every day conversations with CEOs and heads of corporate development at the world’s largest companies. This is an opportunity to not only work at a high growth Silicon Valley startup, but to have a front row seat to how the Silicon Valley industry machine actually works. If you’re a bold, hungry, talented and entrepreneurial person who wants to create the next paradigm of global financial services through technology, we’d be thrilled to talk with you.

Salary, Equity, Benefits & Perks

Exitround pays a competitive market salary and has a healthy equity incentive plan.


Exitround has a menu of health insurance options to fit your life and priorities. We pay employee medical, dental, and vision premiums.

Your Equipment

We’ll provide you with whatever hardware and equipment you need to make you efficient, productive and happy.

Your Time & Transportation

We trust that you know how to best maximize your time and work. Exitround is fundamentally a technology-enabled company that connects people. Work in the way that makes you most productive, and do what makes you most successful. We also know that time is money, Exitround provides a monthly Uber allowance to quickly get you where you need to be.


The Exitround office is located in the bustling SOMA (South of Market) area of San Francisco, the epicenter of startup activity in the 21st Century. We are open to paying for relocation for those located outside of the area.

Food & Drink

Being hungry or thirsty is not a key to success. Exitround provides all workday lunches, and the pantry is always stocked with healthy snacks, fruit, coffee and beer.

Access to Silicon Valley

Exitround is supported by some of Silicon Valley’s most prolific and well respected individuals, investors and advisors. Our marketplace is, by definition, a daily hub of activity between CEOs, venture capitalists, seed investors, angels, incubators and large corporations. If you want to build your network and get exposure to the top deal and decision makers in startup tech, join our team.