We connect buyers and sellers of companies around the globe beyond the traditional boundaries of sector, geography or personal networks.

Find technology companies that fit squarely within your target

Eliminate inbound, automate your prospecting, and manage conversations to speak only with companies that fit your strategic interests.
Leverage software to more efficiently identify companies that fit your ideal target match.
Gain inside access to Silicon Valley innovation, connect directly with companies who are on the leading edge of innovation within your industry.
Keep your eye on the ever-changing trends within technology and get M&A comps on private company transactions.
Accomplish your corporate development objectives in one place, connect with companies for M&A, strategic investment or business development.
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Build corporate relationships early to position your company for the long run

Connect with large companies actively searching for M&A, strategic investment or business development opportunities.
Risk free: Anonymously and confidentially explore interest in your business from large companies.
Opportunistic inbound: Gain inbound opportunities from large companies that may catalyze a future exit or fundraising event.
Global network: Expand your network by connecting with buyers worldwide that you would not otherwise meet.
Not actively selling: 59% of member companies are not actively in a sale process. Rather, they’re open to seeing what interest may be out there.
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Proprietary software crunches millions of data points daily to provide greater and more intelligent M&A connections.