What Do Buyers Want? The Exitround M&A Index

By on February 17, 2015

Buyers M&A Interests

Exitround has been amassing a range of data about the M&A industry. One area that we have been focusing our data efforts on is buyer interest. In other words, what are M&A acquirers interested in buying and what makes an acquisition most compelling to them? Exitround’s unique position in the industry gives us insight into “buyer intent” before buyers actually acquire those companies.

Today we’re posting a small sneak peak of some of this data, showing what the characteristics are of the most sought-after types of technology companies. This data is presented as blended indices of what is most in demand, using recent anonymized data from the Exitround platform. While this is just an initial slice of this data, we plan to soon release a fully detailed analysis of buyer interest and intent in the M&A industry.

As you can see from the index of the top product categories (above), mobile is the most sought-after category of company. However, big data, advertising technology, enterprise software and social media were also strong areas of interest for buyers. In terms of underlying technology, buyers were most interested Javascript, Ruby, and iOS and Android, as well as technologies often related to big data such as Hadoop, Java and MongoDB.

In terms of locations, companies that were most popular came from popular technology areas including the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. However, other areas were popular as well, such as Los Angeles, London, Boston, Toronto, Denver, Austin, Chicago and Seattle.

Please stay tuned for more detailed reports to come. The data for this list comes from anonymized Exitround data. The data is normalized on a scale to 100. For more M&A data, please see Exitround Data.

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