Exitround Is One Year Old

By on April 8, 2014

Exitround is one year old and we wanted to take a moment to share some insights into the vibrancy of our marketplace. Over the past year, we’ve watched it quickly evolve into a hub of more than 1200 buy-side companies connecting with more than 850 sell-side companies in over 36 countries. Each one keeps a detailed profile up to date to leverage our proprietary software-based M&A algorithms to connect with their ideal match. Here are some of the highlights, and more details are displayed visually in the infographic below.

  • Strong buy-side demand from non-tech companies, 43% of buyers are outside of the tech sector.
  • 168 of buy-side companies are large publicly traded corporations.
  • The average active sell-side company gets introduced to three new buyers each month.
  • In total, there is more than $305,000,000 worth of aggregate revenue being generated annually by sell-side companies in Exitround.
  • 20% of sell-side companies are doing more than $1M in annual revenue.
  • 59% of sell-side companies are opportunistically exploring opportunities, often time catalyzing an M&A process or fundraise. Many healthy and growing sell-side companies that are listing are not immediately planning to sell.

Exitround’s unique software-powered M&A approach enables buyers and sellers of companies to connect with each other across the globe regardless of sector expertise, geographical focus, or personal network.

To increase access to information on tech M&A, we’ve produced content on many aspects of the M&A process, as well as stories from founders who have sold their companies. Check out our blog for more.

Exitround is one year old

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