Exitround Founders Roundtable with Josh Felser and Justin Kan

October 10, 2014, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

814 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94105


Exitround is holding a private roundtable event for founders (and Exitround users) who are thinking about strategic opportunities for their companies. Josh Felser and Justin Kan, two experienced founders who have sold companies, will talk about what it takes to build a successful company as well as what it takes to successfully sell a company.


Josh Felser, cofounder, Freestyle Capital; cofounder, Spinner, Grouper.

Justin Kan, partner, Y Combinator; cofounder, Twitch, Justin.tv.

See full bios below. Lunch is provided.

This event will be limited to founders only in order for them to discuss questions they have and challenges they are facing. Please note: Space is limited – RSVP is required to attend.

Topics covered will include:
– How Justin and Josh built successful startups.
– How to assess and explore strategic options for your company.
– How to manage your team’s expectations and public perceptions during this time.
– How to work with your investors regarding M&A opportunities.
– How to get to know corp dev execs and other acquirers in your sector.
– What to know in negotiations for a deal process.
– How to know if an acquirer is a good fit for your company.
– What to know about deal structures.

We will also have time for founders to ask questions and/or talk about their specific situations, so come with questions!


Josh Felser is cofounder at seed stage firm Freestyle Capital. He cofounded Spinner and Grouper, which were acquired by AOL Time Warner and Sony for $320 million and $65 million respectively (more).

Justin Kan is a partner at Y Combinator. He previously cofounded companies including Twitch, Justin.tv, Exec and SocialCam. Twitch was recently acquired by Amazon.com for $970 million (more).