Exitround Connects Private Equity Firms with Profitable Companies Through Exitround Capital

By on September 10, 2014

excap_blog_logoToday we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Exitround Capital, an extension of the Exitround marketplace that’s designed to connect companies across industry sectors like retail, consumer, health/pharma, manufacturing, professional services and others with strong financial performance directly to private equity buyers around the world. Sell-side companies which will find the best opportunities through Exitround Capital are ones doing between $3M and $100M in annual revenue with positive EBITDA margins.

Exitround Capital grew out of the naturally evolving dynamics of the Exitround marketplace. Initially Exitround was founded to focus on strategic acquisitions within early stage technology, and that is still a large part of the company. But organically Exitround started to see larger successful, profitable companies, both inside and outside of technology, entering the marketplace. Meanwhile these companies were receiving relatively high amounts (6x the normal amount) of engagement from private equity buyers in the Exitround marketplace. As software continues to becomes more pervasive throughout all industries, from manufacturing to finance, it becomes much more natural for people to look to solutions that leverage the scalability and efficiency of software as a way of finding potential buyers and sellers of companies.

Sellers that sign up for Exitround Capital see benefits in three ways:

  • Privacy and anonymity – Sellers can discreetly explore liquidity and exit options without signaling to the overall market.
  • Efficiency – Sellers leverage Exitround’s proprietary M&A data and intelligent matching algorithms to quickly connect with the ideal target acquirer.
  • Higher value, lower cost – Sellers cost effectively explore private equity capital options without the weight of traditional M&A advisory fee structures. The standard fee is 1% of the transaction paid, by the sell-side only, in the event of a successful transaction.

All members of Exitround can leverage the same proprietary data and intelligent machine learning algorithms. This technology enables buyers and sellers to receive highly relevant M&A opportunities among the over 11,000,000 potential M&A connections accessible today in Exitround.

Today, Exitround Capital launches with over 210 private equity firms currently active on the buy-side of the marketplace, representing well over $100B in active investment capital. Special launch partners with Exitround Capital are Symphony Technology Group, a global private equity firm focused based in Palo Alto, CA, with over $2B in assets under management, and Andlinger & Company, a New York and Brussels-based private equity firm focused on the industrials and technology sectors.

As an aside, check out the coverage of Exitround Capital launch today on Fox Business.

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Sign up as a a buyer or seller on Exitround. Have a specific question? Send us an email. As always we’re happy to maintain your anonymity–just let us know in your request.

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    […] Exitround, a 1.5-year-old, San Francisco-based company that allows founders to discreetly explore strategic acquisition opportunities, is today announcing Exitround Capital, a marketplace that will put founders in touch with private equity capital options, as well. (Candidates need between $3 million and $100 million in yearly revenue, with positive EBITDA margins.) You can learn more here. […]

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