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2015 Exitround Tech M&A Report:
What Happens In Tech Under $100M

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The Exit Curve

Exitround has conducted a first-of-its-kind study of mergers and acquisitions in the technology sector: the Exitround Exit Report.

Focusing on M&A exits below $100 million, where 88% of acquisitions occur, and where data on exits is seldom released, the study shows an active and dynamic startup and venture industry, particularly at the seed stage. The report gives key insights for entrepreneurs and investors as they consider building, funding and exiting technology companies.

Areas of focus in the report include:

  • Exitround’s analysis of exits: The Exit Curve
  • How much capital had companies raised prior to exiting?
  • Which exits provide the best return on invested capital?
  • How large are the team sizes and how old are exiting companies?
  • What are the characteristics of buyers?
  • What sectors are doing best?
  • How are deals structured?

Receive a free version of the Partial Report by clicking the button at right. Exitround is providing the Full Report to partners (investors, incubators, other ecosystem partners) who are interested in contributing anonymous data for future reports.


The Exitround Exit Report is based on proprietary data which comes from a variety of primary sources. Exitround analyzed M&A data from more than 200 exits that have happened over the past five years. This precise, accurate data enables Exitround to provide new insights into tech M&A activity and trends.

Support in contributing and obtaining anonymous data was provided by top incubators and investors, including: Bowery Capital, Cendana Capital, IA Ventures, SoftTech VC, TechStars, Xenon Ventures, Y Combinator and more. To contribute data in the future please contact us.

For more information contact data@exitround.com.

* Exitround is providing the full report to investors, incubators and other ecosystem partners who provide exit data for future reports. To receive a full copy of the report, please request here to provide exit data.